Three Questions To Ask When Choosing An Orthodontist

Why do dentists give more than one referral card when it comes to sending you and your kids to an orthodontist? Do you really need more than one opinion? How do you choose between them?

Giving multiple referrals often causes confusion.  Most patients assume that because their dentist gave them more than one card, it really doesn’t matter which one they choose.  Rarely does the second orthodontist offer the same treatment plan as the first.  These conflicting treatment plans may then lead the patient to pursue a third opinion, further complicating their decision.

Orthodontists differ in training, experience, and in personality.  Some were trained to expand, others to remove teeth.  Some are fresh out of school and are overly optimistic about what can be accomplished.  Others have been at it much longer and tend to be pessimistic.  Some doctors are perfectionists while others will settle for less than perfect.  Some want what is best for the patient while others want what is best for their practice.  Regardless, orthodontists are individually different and the results they provide will not be the same.  When choosing an orthodontist for your family, consider asking the following three questions:

First, what treatment is the orthodontist proposing? How will the crowding be corrected? What about the overbite? Why does he want to start now while the doctor down the street wants to wait? How can he straighten all the teeth when baby teeth remain? How long will treatment take? Can he show you examples of other patients treated the same way? In other words, make sure you understand exactly what the doctor is proposing and why his plan is different.

Second,  if there is a big difference in fees, why? Are the treatment plans actually the same?  Do both fees include the same services (i.e. retainers, x-rays, etc.)

Third and most importantly, ask your family dentist if he was having his teeth straightened today, which orthodontist would he choose? Ask him who treated his children.  With these questions, you’ll get the best recommendation and save you the trouble of shopping around.

If you would like more information on how to choose an orthodontist, or if you would like to schedule a consultation at Hage Orthodontics, please contact us today.

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