Meet Our Team

Beth Hage Orthodontics Mattoon Decatur Effingham, IL


Treatment Coordinator

  • I’ve been working for Dr. Hage since February 2003.
  • It makes me so happy to be part of a team making beautiful smiles that last a lifetime.
  • Not only is Dr. Hage and our team the most knowledgeable and efficient, we treat each patient like family.
  • Knowing this makes it easy for me to tell each patient that we are their best choice.
  • When I am not at the office I love to spend time with my husband, David, our three children, Hilary, MacKenzy and Matthew and our four grandchildren, Keaton, Hadley, Silas and Sawyer.
  • We love our dog, Pepper and our chickens that lay the most delicious eggs!
Laura Hage Orthodontics Mattoon Decatur Effingham, IL


Scheduling Coordinator

  • I’ve been with the practice for thirty-two years.
  • Each day is adventure in helping our patients achieve beautiful smiles while starting new relationships along the way.
  • It is fun to watch our patients grow up and then bring their own children to our office.
  • I am amazed at what a difference a new smile can make in the life of a patient.
  • I love spending time with my children, Connor, Calla and Carly.
  • We enjoy camping, hiking and shopping, and we love our dogs!
Becky Hage Orthodontics Mattoon Decatur Effingham, IL


Insurance/Financial Coordinator

  • I have worked at the front desk and had the privilege of meeting many new patients and their parents during my 25 years with this practice.
  • It’s always a great thrill to see the patients’ beautiful new smiles when their braces come off!
  • Outside of work, I play clarinet in the community orchestra and for the high school musicals in all the surrounding communities.
  • With the help of my husband, son and daughter, we show and train Egyptian Arabian horses and Standard-bred racehorses.
Karla Web Hage Orthodontics Mattoon Decatur Effingham, IL


Scheduling Coordinator

  • I am the Scheduling Coordinator for our Decatur office.
  • I’ve been with the practice for 23 years and worked in almost every department.
  • I live in Decatur with my husband and four children.
  • We keep ourselves busy with our church, various school activities and ball games. We also enjoy car racing and shopping!
  • I have made many great friends throughout the years, not just my coworkers, but patients and their parents as well.
  • I truly enjoy welcoming each new family that comes our way.
Gina Hage Orthodontics Mattoon Decatur Effingham, IL


Orthodontic Assistant

  • I’ve been with Hage Orthodontics since 1994.
  • I prepare patients for their procedures and assist Dr. Hage chairside.
  • I enjoy the dental field and have met many wonderful people.
  • I also like watching our patients change as their smiles improve.
  • My career that allows me to do what I love: work with my hands, meeting new people, making others smile and positively affecting those around me.
  • In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, watching movies, reading, and music.
Sarah Hage Orthodontics Mattoon Decatur Effingham, IL


Clinical Coordinator

  • I’m the clinical coordinator and have been with Hage Orthodontics for eight years.
  • My duties include managing assistants, delegating floor assignments, guiding the doctor to chairs, working on patients and inventory control.
  • My favorite part of this job is watching the patient’s confidence improve throughout their treatment and seeing their reaction when the braces are removed and see their new smile!
  • In my personal life I enjoy spending time with my family and when the weather is decent, being outside as much as possible.
Beth 1 Hage Orthodontics Mattoon Decatur Effingham, IL


Orthodontic Assistant

  • My co-workers call me Birdie.
  • I am married, and have two awesome kids, Joshua and Amie.
  • When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, playing golf and cooking.
  • I have worked for Dr. Hage since 2002 as an orthodontic assistant.
  • Dr. Hage has created the most amazing smiles I have ever seen.
  • I truly enjoy helping patients transform their smiles that give them more confidence and self-esteem.
  • If you are a patient of Dr. Hage, you will definitely be receiving the best care.