Does Hage Orthodontics Offer Payment Plans?

If you recently learned that orthodontic treatment is in your or your child’s future, remain calm and rest assured Hage Orthodontics offers multiple options to help finance your orthodontic care and treatment.

At Hage Orthodontics, we are keenly aware that people have finite budgets.  Juggling expenses is a fact of life.  We are accustomed to working with families and individuals to make care affordable and budget-friendly.

Long gone are the days when full payment was expected before treatment began.  Our payment options consist of a down payment with the remainder paid monthly for 12 to 24 months — interest free.  We also offer to discount the fee if you prefer to pay in full up front when treatment begins.

The best thing to do?  Make a complimentary consultation appointment with Dr. Hage.  Our treatment coordinator will talk to you about the available payment plans and work with you to devise a plan that works for you and your budget. Do you have insurance to help pay for treatment but don’t know your coverage?  We can check with your insurance company on your behalf.  Do you have a flexible spending account through your employer or a health savings account if you’re self employed?  Funds in those accounts can be used for orthodontic treatment.  We may even be able to strategize how to maximize these benefits so you can minimize your out-of-pocket costs.

It can be a pleasant surprise to learn how truly affordable orthodontic care is today.  Monthly payments can be about the cost of a mobile phone plan, but the benefits last a lot longer. At the end of the day, orthodontic care is a lifetime investment in your or your child’s health and appearance, and payment plans make care quite manageable. Call us to talk about payment plan options.  Then look forward to a healthy, beautiful smile.

Dr. Michael Hage is a licensed orthodontist.  The only doctors who an call themselves “orthodontists” have graduated from dental school and then successfully completed the additional two to three years of education in an accredited orthodontic residency program.

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