Celebrate National Orthodontic Health Month!

It’s October and Dr. Hage would like to recognize National Orthodontic Health Month.  What are the best and worst treats to enjoy or stay away from during orthodontic treatment?

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Here at Hage Orthodontics, we love October, and not just for the changes in the weather and Halloween excitement.  It’s National Orthodontic Health Month!

Every year, the American Association of Orthodontists recognizes October as a time to raise awareness of the benefits of orthodontic treatment.  The AAO is the largest, oldest professional association for orthodontists in North America, and is comprised of more than 16,000 members.

In a month full of hard, sticky, crunchy, and chewy treats, it’s more important than ever to encourage patients to be kind to their teeth during treatment  we suggest, if you have braces, avoid caramel, taffy, bubblegum, and candy with nuts.  If you can’t keep yourself away from the sugar, opt for softer candy such as peanut butter cups or other melt-in-your-mouth treats.

As always, remember to brush and floss after consuming sugary foods.  Exposing your teeth to sweets increases your risk of cavities, and allowing it to sit on your teeth can lead to decalcification, the loss of calcium from the teeth.

If you have any questions about what foods are best and worst during orthodontic treatment, feel free to ask during you next visit!

There Are Many Benefits of Straight Teeth

The Benefits of Straight Teeth

Dr. Hage, Hage Orthodontics, Smile Experts,People want straight teeth and a nice smile for many reasons. While a nicely aligned smile can be the part of your looks that pulls everything else together, a crooked smile can draw attention away from an otherwise striking appearance. A great smile is vital to your self-confidence.

However, the benefits of straight teeth do not end with just your appearance.

• Crooked teeth can interfere with proper chewing, a problem to deal with at every meal.

• Good oral hygiene can be difficult and ineffective with crooked teeth. When your teeth are not straight there will be hard-to-reach spaces. This can lead to gum disease, tooth decay or even lost teeth.

Hage Orthodontics specializes in creating beautiful smiles. Orthodontics is a highly specialized field of dentistry involving the study and treatment of irregular bites.

An abnormal bite can be the result of many factors such as uneven or missing teeth or a jaw that is out of proportion. Orthodontic patients do not have to sacrifice their looks to have a beautiful smile. Treatment options such as clear ceramic braces and Invisalign™ help to make orthodontic treatment less obvious.

Whether you are a parent of a child with crooked teeth or are considering orthodontics for yourself, please give us a call. We’ll be happy to explain all the benefits that modern orthodontics can offer you.


A Child’s First Orthodontic Visit

blog picsAs  parents, one of our primary concerns is our children’s health, and their smile is no exception. When starting a child on the path to dental health many parents wonder when to bring their child to an Orthodontist.

The majority of dental professionals agree the ideal age for a child’s initial orthodontic visit is 8. At that age, many problems can be identified and corrected so future dental treatment is considerably less complex.

Here are a few important things Dr. Hage will evaluate at your child’s first appointment:Read More

Adult Orthodontics

Hage Orthodontics - Adult TreatmentWhile the thought of braces often conjures images of adolescents with metal brackets and wires in their mouths, the fact is that 20 percent of patients who seek some type of orthodontic treatment are those over the age of 21. Many adults who seek orthodontic treatment to fix long-standing problems and straighten crooked teeth often do so with extreme reluctance, or end up not getting treatment at all for fear of embarrassment or discomfort. But orthodontics has come a very long way since the days of “brace face” and “metal mouth”, and there are a variety of options for adults who would like to improve their smiles.Read More

Proper Orthodontic Hygiene Techniques

Preventing Decay While Wearing Braces

Having braces can present some new challenges when it come to keeping your teeth clean. Braces can trap food under the wires and between the teeth and the brackets leading to cavities. Here are a few tips to keep your teeth healthy while wearing braces:Read More